Uses and Applications

Using Recovinyl Certified PVC Recyclate

Because of its inherent molecular structure PVC is well suited for mechanical recycling.  PVC recyclates retain the physical properties of virgin PVC compounds and can be reformed into a wide range of useful applications.

Ideal post-use products are those which are easy to identify and separate from the waste stream or which can be kept relatively clean, ending up as a high-quality recyclate for use within the existing range of PVC applications. Examples include: pipes (usually recycled into pipes), window profiles (recycled into profiles or pipes), flooring, roofing membranes, coated fabrics.

However even mixed waste streams containing different types of polymer can be reprocessed into a useful material for some applications.

Recovinyl are the acknowledged experts on PVC recycling in the EU. We can:

  • Through our expert networks, provide advice and technical expertise on using PVC recyclates
  • Put you in touch with a recycler in your region who can deliver a consistent feedstock of quality recycled PVC
  • Find a recycler who may be interested in any production waste you may have in your own business


Latest news

On 28th April 2016, VinylPlus, the sustainable development programme of the European PVC industry, will hold its fourth edition of the Vinyl Sustainability Forum.

Due to serious events that took place in Brussels on march 22nd, the organisers of the PRSE Show have had no other option but to cancel the show. The safety and securtity of our exhibitors, visitors, staff and suppliers remains our absolute priority.