New Recovinyl concept launched

2012 has been a very important transition year for Recovinyl programme. The shift of our approach called ‘Pull-Market Concept’ is based on switching the focus of the whole concept from motivating our partners to recycle the waste towards stimulation of regular use of recycled material in their production process.

Since the beginning of 2012 we also made distinction between our partners to enable them to sign new service contracts (‘Standard’ or ‘Advanced’) with Recovinyl. 80 of our recyclers signed ‘Standard’ contract and 38 recyclers/converters the ‘Advanced’ contract.  34 smaller companies were not convinced to accept the new approach and new conditions.

During the 2012 we implemented the new audit code as well. It is based on the EucertPlast protocol (see:

During the last year we trained people to acquire the knowledge of EucertPlast certification procedures. There are now 13 auditors, trained by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) organisation, who are able to proceed with audits following the EucertPlast protocol.

 The certification of the companies which signed the ‘Advanced’ contracts will proceed following the rules of the EucertPlast protocol. For those companies that signed ‘Standard’ contract the audit will stayed within the same frames as before.

There is always a possibility for a company (certified by Recovinyl) with ‘Advanced’ contract to try achieving the EucertPlast certification. The first evaluation of the company will be performed by our local agent. Afterwards, wherever applicable, a second visit of the EucertPlast certified auditor will be required to assess and possibilities of this company to meet the requirements of EucertPlast protocol. If not sufficient the company can be refused to acquire the EucertPlast certification or a special improvement programme can be set, together with the auditor to enable the company to obtain its goal.

2012 was also a year of working on the new website and database of Recovinyl. It has been a long and complicated process we went through in order to create a safe, stable and trustful working platform.

We have a pleasure to announce that the new site has been officially launched on 21/01/2013 and it is available for public use.

The translations into 13 languages are ready – it’s a matter of time before they are uploaded and ready for your convenience.


Yours sincerely,

Recovinyl Management

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