Results Recovinyl 2012

As every year we are publishing the Recovinyl results to our trusted business partners.

2012 was a very challenging year for our project. The programme faced many difficulties and obstacles like economical and financial crisis, decreased activity in the construction sector which resulted in lower demand for PVC material (pipes, window profiles, cables etc.).

Nevertheless, against all odds, we managed to register more PVC waste within our system than the previous year.  The reason for that is from one side hard and consistent working of our partners and from other side the enlargement of the ‘PVC Waste’ definition.

Since the beginning of 2012 our system was able to accept not only post-consumer waste but also ELV (End-of-Life Vehicles), WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), Packaging and post-industrial waste.  

High participation and the increase of the window profiles application is directly related to the adaptation of the ‘PVC waste’-definition.

Taking those definition changes into account we managed to achieve 352.000t in 2012 against 253.000t in 2011.


We noticed a serious tonnage increase in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Spain. In Poland three recyclers stopped their activity and one went bankrupt, which influenced significantly the registered tonnages over there. Two recyclers in Italy stopped the co-operation as well. France and Austria stay stable as far as the volume registration is concerned.


The 2012 was a year with high demand for the good-quality material. Because of the crisis in construction (renovation) sector the availability of good recycled material was significant lower. It made the recyclers to empty their accessible stocks. The demand for PVC material stayed high but the virgin price material stayed at relatively high level.


However, not 100% of the total 2012 volume has been audited yet. We expect to finalise it the coming months so we will be able to implement some minor corrections.


We hope to start a new year of 2013 with the same courage and support of our trustful partners. We are looking forward to further co-operation,


Recovinyl Management 

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